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[Video] Hyundai’s mini SUV Casper creates buzz

(The Korea Herald)
(The Korea Herald)

Hyundai Motor’s little mini SUV, the Casper, is here, creating a buzz in the A-segment market, where the competition has long been dull.

This new Casper is Hyundai’s first A-segment release in 19 years, and already it’s received record preorders. Even the president lined up to buy one.

The Casper is slightly more expensive than its rivals the Chevrolet Spark and the Kia Ray, but there’s a reason for that. It comes with advanced driver assistance functions that are often left out of the compact car segment. 

Check out how the car drives on road here!

It’s only in the Casper that the driver’s seat folds all the way, making it a good choice for people who like camping or picnics.

Targeting young drivers, Hyundai is selling the car online for the first time. The automaker has also created a metaverse world and an avatar to promote the new vehicle.

At the Casper Showroom in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, visitors can explore the car’s different colors and functions using the augmented reality program on the tablet computers provided.

The price of a Casper starts at 13.8 million won ($11,628) for the lowest trim and goes up to 18.8 million won for the highest trim.

Reporter: Jo He-rim
Video editor: Kim Si-yeon
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