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Seegene to sell self-sampling swabs in Europe

Seegene's corporate logo (Seegene)
Seegene's corporate logo (Seegene)

South Korean biotech firm Seegene has cleared the final hurdle to market in Europe its new sample collection device for COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

According to the firm Tuesday, the product, called Combo Swab, has received a CE mark and can be legally commercialized in the EU. A CE mark, required on most goods sold in Europe, shows a product’s conformity to EU’s health, safety and environmental standards.

According to Seegene, the sample collection device can be used for its four existing COVID-19 PCR test kits.

Combo Swab allows people to collect both nasal and oral cavity swabs for tests, under health care providers’ supervision.

Seegene said the company developed the test device as substitutes for standard nasopharyngeal swabs, which often cause discomfort, as they need to be inserted deep inside nostrils by professionals.

Combo Swab showed around the same level of accuracy, compared to the ordinary ones being used now, the firm said.

Seegene said its new sample collection device can help mass testing to proceed quickly and efficiently as well.

Currently, the countries that use self-administrable sample collection devices include the US and Singapore.

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