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Han Sung Motor donates Dream Gream online store profits to youth shelters

(Han Sung Motor)
(Han Sung Motor)

Han Sung Motor has donated 20 million won ($17,028) earned from running Dream Gream online merch store and more to 10 youth shelters around the country, the official Mercedes-Benz dealer said Monday.

The auto dealership opened the online store offering merchandise made by students participating in its Dream Gream art scholarship program in June.

As part of its social outreach efforts, Han Sung Motor has been supporting middle and high school students with artistic talents through the program since 2012.

On the online store, the company sells merchandise items made by the scholarship recipients in collaboration with professional artists.

“Thanks to the support from Han Sung Motor and Korea Mecenat Association, youth shelters are able to run various programs that teens can joyfully participate in and that support their growth and paths to becoming independent,” Kim Min-chan, the secretary-general of Korea Youth Shelter Association said in a press release.

The Young Designer Incubating program also helps the artist mentors participating in the Dream Gream scholarship, so the online store will be rolling out new products made by the mentors in the second half of this year, the company added.

“Han Sung Motor will continue to run various projects to aid Dream Gream recipient students and to create meaningful social values,” Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung said.

By Jo He-rim (
Korea Herald daum