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[Photo News] Jeju Island sees influx of travelers despite strong social distancing measures

Beachgoers play in the water at Geumneung Beach, Jeju Island, on Thursday despite the Level 4 social distancing rules, South Korea’s most stringent of a four-tier system, being in effect.

Vacationers donning masks keep a safe distance from each other while enjoying the beach.

According to the Level 4 social distancing rules on Jeju Island, all twelve beaches are to be closed and no more than two people can meet for personal reasons after 6 p.m. from August 19th to August 29th.

In addition, a rule that limits the number of guests to two per hotel room will be implemented during the period, and only two-thirds of the rooms in each accommodation facility will be available.

(Photos: Yonhap)

By Ko Yoon-hee (