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Myungsung C&M launches a new MARPE

BUCHEON, South Korea, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Myungsung C&M, a Korean orthodontic product manufacturer, has recently released its new product, which is A+ Expander as MARPE that Myungsung C&M introduces.

Myungsung CNM
Myungsung CNM

A+ Expander is an orthodontic material that expands the palatal of patients with maxilla, and it has a piston to prevent screw deformation during oral expansion. Also, it is made of excellent titanium with structural design to increase the convenience and stability, which decreases unexpected inflammation in the oral cavity.

Myungsung CNM_MARPE (A+ Expander)
Myungsung CNM_MARPE (A+ Expander)

Detailed specification of A+ Expander is as below ;

1. A device called Power Lock is included to prevent loosening of screw.

2. Guide Pin is located inside of it, so when inserting palatal screw, it helps to set it in the correct position.

3. It can cover the screw line of palatal screw to prevent gum inflammation.

4. Due to the strong fixed force of the wire, the wire does not break when extended, and it delivers stronger force when extended.

5. It has 4 sizes of 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm of the existing 3 sizes to provide customers with more various options.

6. It is manufactured with the diameter of palatal screw as 1.8mm, significantly reducing the possibility of screw breaking.

7. The length of palatal screw was manufactured in various ways up to 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm so that it can be applied to patients with deep maxilla.

Since the establishment in 2015, Myungsung C&M has been manufacturing and providing essential orthodontic instruments and materials necessary for orthodontic treatment in Korea and the world. In particular, Auto Stripping Bur, which grinds between teeth, holds the No. 1 manufacturing position in Korea with exquisite performance differentiation such as coating powder diamonds on the surface. 

In addition, Myungsung C&M obtained necessary certification for export such as China CFDA, KFDA, and Europe CE, etc. and participated in overseas exhibitions more than 10 times a year before COVID-19 pandemic. With those trials, the export performance is steadily increasing, and products are exported to Japan, China, and France, etc. Now, Myungsung C&M has agencies in 15 countries to support overseas buyers to take products conveniently.

CEO of Myungsung C&M, Hwa-sook Choi, said, "With the launch of the new A+ Expander, we are glad introduce a more upgraded MARPE in the field of orthodontic treatment. We also thank our employees for always trying to make better products. We hope to introduce our products including A+ Expander to more countries in the future."

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