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Former Amazon Executive Joins Advisory Board Of Swedish SAAS Company Innovation360

John Rossman, former Amazon executive and digital leadership author, will chair the advisory board and has invested in the Swedish SaaS Innovation Platform Innovation360.

NEW YORK, August 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovation360, the category leader in innovation and growth solutions, announces that John Rossman, former Amazon executive and leadership expert, is joining the advisory board and investing in Innovation360. As Managing Director at Rossman Partners, author of several strategy and leadership books, and prominent keynote speaker, Mr. Rossman will collaborate with Innovation360 to fulfill the company's broad vision of helping leaders and organizations create lasting business value through systematic innovation.


Working closely with founder and CEO Magnus Penker, Mr. Rossman will chair Innovation360´s Global Advisory Board to expand internationally, position Innovation360 as the world's leading solution provider of innovation and growth solutions, and build a network of consulting partners.

Mr. Penker, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author and global thought leader on innovation, growth, and sustainability, says: "We are delighted to have John partnering closely with us to provide world-leading innovation solutions through our reseller network in 45 countries. It is time to connect the dots as we face unprecedented challenges as a world community. Being systematic and planful about innovation is key to solving and scaling solutions."

"Every leader wants the growth and business moats that innovation can provide, but many don't know how to achieve these outcomes on a systematic basis. Innovation360 provides the techniques, collaboration, and connected technology to achieve the promise of innovation," says Mr. Rossman. "We are going to incorporate many of the Amazon strategies and techniques into the Innovation360 playbook. Our shared passion is partnering with our clients and network of consulting partners to reach their potential by delivering a systematic innovation and growth agenda."

Magnus Penker, +1 (347) 933-0871,
John Rossman,

INNOVATION360 GROUP: Develops world-leading SaaS technology for innovation value realization. Innovation360 guides organizations in sharpening their innovation capabilities, re-imagining their value proposition, and speeding up global go-to-market by implementing their research-based approach and system.

ROSSMAN PARTNERS INC: Advises clients on competing and winning in the digital era. John Rossman, author of The Amazon Way book series, is a sought-after media analyst, keynote speaker, and advisor to organizations on leadership, customer centricity, growth, and innovation. He publishes the weekly newsletter The Digital Leader. Learn more at


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