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KAI sells two T-50 trainer jets worth $78m to Thailand

A T-50TH advanced trainer jet (Korea Aerospace Industries)
A T-50TH advanced trainer jet (Korea Aerospace Industries)

Korea Aerospace Industries said Monday it had won a $78 million deal from Thailand to supply two T-50TH advanced trainer jets and provide support for their operation. The contract period is until Jan. 30, 2023.

The deal, which follows a 274.4 billion-won ($237.8 million) deal KAI signed with Indonesia last month to supply six T-50i jets, raises the total T-50 series exports so far to 72 units -- 14 to Thailand, 22 to Indonesia, 12 to the Philippines and 24 to Iraq.

T-50TH are advanced trainer jets customized to the requirements of the Royal Thai Air Force. Thailand has purchased total 14 T-50THs -- four in 2015, eight in 2017 and two last month.

“The Royal Thai Air Force have procured three phases of T-50s in the past years and this contract is a continuation of our efforts to achieve our goal of developing our air force to be one of the best air forces in ASEAN,” Air Marshal Chakorn Tawanjang said in his congratulatory message.

According to Mirae Asset Securities, KAI expects further T-50 orders from Senegal and Malaysia, which will allow T-50 sales to reach the 100-unit mark within this year.

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