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Hankook Tire expands portfolio with global automakers

Hankook Tire supplies OE tires for Porsche‘s first high performance electric car Taycan. (Hankook Tire)
Hankook Tire supplies OE tires for Porsche‘s first high performance electric car Taycan. (Hankook Tire)
Hankook Tire & Technology, the world‘s sixth-largest tiremaker by sales, is further expanding its portfolio of Original Equipment tires by working with global automakers and ramping up efforts to secure core technology in the field.

It has so far struck a partnership with 46 car brands for some 320 models across the world, according to the company on Wednesday, including premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

Hankook Technodome, its flagship research and development facility in Daeduk, Daejeon in Korea, has played a crucial role in developing its state of the art technology and brand values in the OE tire market, the tiremaker explained

Among the premium cars the company supplies tires for include German luxury sports car brand Porsche’s 718 Boxster, the brand’s first electric car Taycan, as well as its SUV models Cayenne and Macan.

“In order for Porsche’s high performance sports cars to move smoothly without compromising on performance while driving at a high speed, we supplied ultra-high performance tires, proving our premium brand value and our world leading technology,” the tiremaker said in a statement.

It has also continued work with Audi for the brand’s high-end SUV model RS 8Q, its sedan model RS7 Sportback as well as the luxury performance wagon RS6 Avant.

With BMW, Hankook Tire has supplied tires for X3 M and X4 M as well as the full-size luxury sedan 7 Series.

It was not just the multiple German luxury car brands that the South Korean tiremaker has supplied its tires for. It is one of the suppliers for American electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3, adding to its portfolio of experience in the field of luxury cars.

“Hankook Tire will continue to expand our portfolio of OE tires for premium cars by striking strategic partnerships with all global automakers thanks to our industry-leading global best technology and excellent and competitive product quality,” the company said in a statement.

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