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Renault Samsung Motors’ Mobilize offers convenient traveling for subscribers

Renault Zoe (Renault Samsung Motors)
Renault Zoe (Renault Samsung Motors)

As the subscription economy is expanding its scope into the automotive industry, Renault Samsung Motors’ Mobilize offers easy traveling for those planning to embark on a summer break, the automaker said Tuesday.

Unlike other car rental programs, Mobilize, which is Renault Samsung’s monthly car subscription service, does not charge by mileage, and comes without an early termination fee, the automaker said.

Renault Samsung said Mobilize subscribers can use its major vehicle lineup of the XM3, SM6, QM6 and Zoe at a monthly price of 700,000 won to 800,000 won ($608-$695). They can either choose one model for each month, or switch from one model to another, the company explained.

For users of the subscription service, the automaker suggested subscribers try out the Renault Zoe, its bestselling electric vehicle.

Renault Zoe facilitates an R246 motor to exert up to 136 horsepower and a maximum torque of 25 kilogram-meters, and can drive up to 309 kilometers on a single charge, the automaker said. Using a 50-kilowatt rapid charger for 30 minutes, the car can drive for about 150 kilometers.

According to Renault Samsung, the Zoe comes with many convenient features for traveling, like the 9.3-inch vertical display and connectivity functions such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

In B-mode, the car switches to one-pedal driving to turn on regenerative braking, as well as other driving assistance features. The Zoe is also equipped with a Bose Surround Sound System with seven speakers, Renault Samsung added.

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