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Yanolja announces plans to increase R&D investment

Leisure platform to brand itself as “leading global tech company”

Global leisure platform Yanolja said Monday it will hire some 300 personnel for research and development during the second half of this year.

Under the “Tech All-In” vision, the company, which offers various holiday bookings including for hotels and trains, plans to increase its R&D staff by a total of 1,000.

The move comes as Yanolja seeks to solidify its position as a leading global tech company. It currently offers business-to-business solutions to hotels in over 170 countries and says it is the “number one cloud-based hospitality solution firm” in the world.

Over 7 in 10 staff will be working in research and development, according to the platform operator’s long-term plans, while the figure currently stands at some 40 percent out of its current 1,500 staff members at home and abroad.

“To lead the industry as a global tech company, we will be changing the way we work as well as our corporate culture, establishing a new industry standard,” CEO Lee Su-jin said in a statement.

“We will add R&D offices abroad to discover global talents and plan to lead technology innovation,” Lee said.

By Yim Hyun-su (