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EuBiologics to start phase two clinical study of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate

Vials labelled
Vials labelled "EuCOVAC-19" and syringes are seen in front of a displayed EuBiologics logo (EuBiologics)

South Korean biopharmaceutical company EuBiologics announced Wednesday that it will commence phase two clinical trial of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate EuCOVAC-19.

EuBiologics plans to conduct the clinical study of its synthetic antigen-based vaccine candidate from the end of this month on a total of 230 people, with an aim of completing it by October, the company said.

EuBiologics said the company has seen positive results from the phase one trial in terms of the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine candidate.

The firm had administered the vaccine candidate on 50 adults between the age of 19-50 after receiving approval in January from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its phase one and two clinical study plans.

”EuBiologics has acquired meaningful clinical data from the phase one clinical study. The company expects to receive positive results from the upcoming phase two clinical study as well,“ EuBiologics CEO Baek Young-ok said. “The company hopes to develop a homegrown COVID-19 vaccine and contribute to fight against the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, EuBiologics is also conducting nonclinical laboratory study of an experimental vaccine that could work on COVID-19 variants, according to the company.

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