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Smartstudy drops animated version of NCT Dream’s ‘Hot Sauce’

A poster for the animated version of NCT Dream’s “Hot Sauce” (Smartstudy)
A poster for the animated version of NCT Dream’s “Hot Sauce” (Smartstudy)

Global content company Smartstudy announced that it will release an animated version of “Hot Sauce,” from K-pop boy band NCT Dream, Friday at 7 p.m.

The video will be on the official YouTube channels of both NCT Dream and Smartstudy’s education brand Pinkfong.

“Hot Sauce” is the title song of the group’s first studio album, which sold over 1 million copies last week. The track consists of up-tempo hip-hop beats and Afro-beats.

According to the content creator, the Pinkfong version features a special episode of NCT Dream crash-landing in the Age of Dinosaurs. NCT Dream’s seven members -- Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung-- appear as Pinkfong dinosaur characters. The video will be available in Korean and English.

This is the second instance of collaboration between the K-pop band and the global animated content creator.

Pinkfong and NCT Dream teamed up for the first time on May 5, when the band dropped a cover version of Pinkfong’s “Dinosaur ABC.” It trended on Twitter the day it was released and got more than 10 million clicks in two weeks.

Smartstudy and NCT Dream also plan to jointly launch merchandise featuring NCT Dream members in dinosaur costumes, through online and offline sales channels, starting in mid-June.

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