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HiteJinro renews advertising partnership with LA Dodgers

South Korean distiller HiteJinro said on Tuesday it has extended an advertising partnership with Major League Baseball team LA Dodgers for another three years.

First signed in 2012, the ongoing deal will help promote the company’s products and boosts its global brand awareness among local baseball fans during the Major League Baseball season, the company said.

With the deal in effect until 2024, the two will have teamed up for more than a decade following the new signing.

The move will give the liquor producer a commercial right to use the team’s logo as well as installing LED advertisements at Dodger Stadium and promoting its products in Dodger Insider magazine.

Its popular lager Terra and fruit soju will go on sale at its exclusive booth known as HiteJinro Bar as well as 13 other stores located within the stadium.

“Soju So Blue” – a soju-based cocktail inspired by the color Dodger Blue has also been rolled out to celebrate the partnership.

“HiteJinro has maintained a partnership with the MLB‘s LA Dodgers, doing Koreans living in the community proud and generating buzz in the local market,” said Hwang Jung-ho, chief of the company‘s global business division.

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