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MetaverseSociety announces MarX Project to deliver DeFi-NFT platform

MarX project
MarX project
David Doyeon Kim, CEO of MetaverseSociety, has announced the MarX project amid the increasing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology boom. The project aims to remove the unfair intermediate distribution system and build a virtual ecosystem through the DeFi-NFT platform for a direct trade between value generators and value customers.

Although there were similar projects before, they failed to create a business ecosystem. MarX Project, on the other hand, began with a basic structure that can undergo quick technological evolution. The project also involves partners including the International Cultural Exchange Foundation, the Seoul 13 project team and HappyDog TV, who have already established stable positions in their fields.

MarX Project has already completed a beta version of the marketplace for art trading and has already issued NFT-coupons for each field. The project deployed the DeFi-NFT platform for this, following the boom in the market. Instead of using the general ERC base system, the project chose MRC-400 and MRC-401 to minimize brokerage fees and to increase the security of NFT creators’ copyrights.

MarX put out its first listing on PROBIT Global and Korea Exchange on April 27, 2021. Before that, the first and second initial exchange offerings completely sold out. They are planning to add more listings on the global exchange in May. 

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