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[Today’s K-pop] ITZY to release English version of new hit

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

ITZY hopes to add momentum to the global popularity of its latest EP by releasing an English version of title track on May 14, the group‘s label JYP Entertainment on Wednesday.

The group will share a lyric video for “Mafia In The Morning,” the title track from its fourth EP “Guess Who,” along with the song and put out a performance clip the next day on its YouTube channel.

The five-piece act entered the Billboard 200 for the first time since its debut, ranking No. 148 with the new EP. It also ranked No. 99 on Billboard’s Artist 100, another first for the group.

The title track rose to No. 56 on Spotify’s global top 200 as well and topped YouTube Music’s global top songs chart with over 62 million plays worldwide. 

Blackpink to drop physical album of digital live show

(Credit: YG Entertainment)
(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Blackpink will release an album that contains performances from the band’s livestream concert, YG Entertainment announced on Wednesday.

Titled “YG Palm Stage - 2021 Blackpink: The Show,” the album will consist of two CDs with 16 tracks as well as a photobook of snapshots from the concert, photo cards and stickers.

The pre-order for the CD, which will drop June 1, started Tuesday without prior notice.

The quartet held a live show on January 31 and about 280,000 viewers tuned in to watch it via YouTube. Although YG Entertainment did not reveal any specifics, based on the number of fans who paid to watch the live broadcast, the band racked up over 10 billion won ($8.9 million) from the 90-minute concert.

GOT7’s JB inks deal with H1ghr Music 

(Credit: H1ghr Music)
(Credit: H1ghr Music)

JB of GOT7 has signed with H1ghr Music as Jay B and will release his first single under the label on May 14, the company said on Tuesday.

Jay Park, the label’s head, approached the musician in person and has been discussing the move.

“I thought I should be more prudent since this is a new beginning for me as a solo artist,” said Jay B, thanking Park who was also a leader of a group under JYP Entertainment, for taking initiative. He wanted to be free in terms of music but has been deliberating what kind of music he wants to pursue, he said.

As a person who loves hip-hop and R&B, Jay B will show his sincerity and tenacity through music, said the label, adding that he will continue to grow as an artist who will express his natural self.

WJSN discusses launch of new subunit

(Credit: Starship Entertainment)
(Credit: Starship Entertainment)

Four members of girl group WJSN talked about their debut as the band’s second subunit, The Black, on Wednesday with the release of their first EP “My Attitude.”

“It felt quite different debuting as a unit,” said Exy. She talked about how It felt definitely empty practicing as a quartet, and the pressure she felt to do better.

Bona was reminded of when she debuted with WJSN.

“Should I say that it felt as if I returned to that time? It surely makes me nervous,” she said.

The new EP throws the image of the band out the window, said SeolA, declaring that they will seduce listeners with “Easy,” one of the two tracks on the album.

As for participating in writing the lyrics for both tracks, Exy said that instead of leaning on elements from fantasy and fairy-tales, like she did for WJSN, she went for more direct and hip flow for the subunit.

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