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Police tighten security measures in Muslim communities for safety during Ramadan

The police have stepped up security measures around Muslim communities across the country as safety precautions during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, according to police sources Thursday.

The National Police Agency recently ordered provincial and local police authorities in 18 regions to increase security in Muslim communities during the Ramadan period, sources said.

It also recommended authorities to look out for online activities that could portend dangerous activities or public disruptions.

Ramadan, the holy Islamic month of fasting and spiritual reflection observed by Muslims, began Tuesday and will run through May 12 in most parts of the world, including South Korea. Muslims worldwide annually fast from sunrise to sunset during this period and pray five times a day.

The Muslim community here has reportedly canceled or scaled down related events due to COVID-19 and has opted to hold online worship sessions in compliance with the government's social distancing measures.

Local police are taking precautionary steps as radical Islamic terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, are known to incite their followers especially during the holy period. (Yonhap)