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Hanwha Techwin launches AI-powered security cameras to flag social-distancing violations

Four functions of Hanwha Techwin’s AI-based security cameras (Hanwha Techwin)
Four functions of Hanwha Techwin’s AI-based security cameras (Hanwha Techwin)

South Korean surveillance technology provider Hanwha Techwin on Wednesday introduced artificial intelligence-based security cameras that can detect social-distancing violations automatically.

According to the security camera subsidiary under Hanwha Aerospace, the AI solution monitors whether social-distancing measures are being followed on a real time basis and send written alarms on monitors or audio alarms through speakers if it detects violations.

“When users set social-distancing settings to 1 to 2 meters, for example, the AI solution can detect and alert those who are too close to each other,” a company official said.

The AI technology can also monitor eight entrances simultaneously and help indoor facilities not exceed the maximum number of people allowed inside. For example, if a facility that can contain no more than 20 people is already packed, the AI can automatically send an alarm to the 21st visitor and limit their entry.

In addition, the AI solution can check body temperatures and flag those not wearing masks.

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