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Number of high earners sharply rise: NTS

(National Tax Service)
(National Tax Service)
The number of employees with total paychecks exceeding 100 million won ($91,400) reached a record high of 852,000 in 2019, up some 50,000 from the previous year, data showed Tuesday.

According to the National Tax Service, earners of over 100 million won accounted for 4.4 percent of the total 19.17 million salaried workers.

An employee here earned 37.4 million won on average, before tax, last year, rising 2.7 percent, or 970,000 won, from 2018.

Those who reported non-salary financial income of more than 20 million won rose 23.6 percent to about 159,000, the data showed.

Meanwhile, the average annual income of part-timers stood at 8.07 million won, 20,000 won less than a year before.

The nation had 7.4 million workers registered as part-timers.

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