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THE WEEK&Resort expands horizons of urban boutique resort

Trinity D&C Co., Ltd. (Photo: The views of THE WEEK&Resort)
Trinity D&C Co., Ltd. (Photo: The views of THE WEEK&Resort)
Trinity D&C Co., a real estate development and hotel resort company, held a grand opening ceremony of Korea’s first urban boutique resort THE WEEK& Resort in Yeongjongdo, Incheon, on Nov. 26.

THE WEEK& Resort plans to pioneer a new field differentiated from existing resorts under the concept of Korea‘s first “urban boutique resort.” It will attract the attention of customers through its close geographic accessibility to downtown and a young and stylish sense that has not been seen in Korean resorts.

THE WEEK& Resort, located near Eulwangni Beach, features panoramic ocean views and beautiful sunsets from most of its rooms. The 191 rooms, consisting of 15 different types, depending on the purpose of the trip, the number of guests, and preferences, meet the needs of those who want to visit the resort for various purposes.

Moreover, THE WEEK& Resort is designed with an all-in-one concept so the guests can do anything from relaxing to other activities.

Meanwhile, THE WEEK& Resort plans to strictly follow the quarantine regulations for the safety and hygiene of guests. State-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras are in place and managed at the resort lobby entrance and subsidiary business sites, and each facility is limiting the number of guests it allows inside.

Lee Hyunji, the CEO of Trinity D&C, said, “Unlike hotels, where there have been a lot of diversification of brands, styles and star-ratings, most domestic resorts are standardized without no distinctive characteristics so we are presenting a new resort integrated with the luxury of hotels and comfort of resorts. THE WEEK& Resort will propose a new paradigm of ‘urban boutique resort’ that has not been seen in the industry thus far and establishes itself as a lifestyle standard preferred by various travelers.”

Trinity D&C is a corporation established as both a hotel development and operation business and a real estate development business. It plans to expand its business starting with THE WEEK& Resort.