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LG U+ names Hwang Hyun-sik as new CEO

CEO Ha Hyun-hwoi steps down

Hwang Hyun-sik (LG U+)
Hwang Hyun-sik (LG U+)

LG U+’s Chief Executive Officer Ha Hyun-hwoi stepped down Wednesday, recommending in his place Hwang Hyun-sik, president of consumer business.

According to LG U+, Ha has determined that now is a critical point for LG U+ in its preparation for the post-COVID-19 era and digital transformation. 

He has recommended Hwang to helm the leadership, saying his 20 years of experience in the telecommunications business will stably guide LG U+ through the rapidly evolving market. 

Hwang, 58, will assume the role once his appointment is approved through the board of directors’ and shareholders’ meeting next year. 

Having started career at LG Telecom in 1999, Hwang is the first thoroughly LG U+ person to internally step up to the CEO role. 

In 2019, Hwang drew media attention as the only person to be promoted to president-level in the annual personnel announcement. He was recognized for his performance in the mobile business. 

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