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[Video] Offbeat products fizz with upsurge in popularity in Korea

South Korean food makers are reaching out for unique collaborations by adding a little twist to their original products.

Convenience store GS25 has teamed up with Miwon Group and launched Miwon Matsogeum Popcorn, touching on the “newtro” trend of blending established, sometimes unfashionable brands with new products they are not usually associated with. Matsogeum is a kind of seasoning and in Korea, Miwon is a household name associated with it.

And while the Buldak brand, more commonly associated with spicy noodles and snacks, has added toothpaste to its product range. Toothpaste maker Aekyung collaborated with instant noodle producer Samyang for “2080 Hochi Toothpaste.” But unlike the burning flavor of the ramen, the crimson red toothpaste offers a refreshing taste.

Bacchus, an energy drink typically used to treat or prevent hangovers, is being offered in the form of a gummy snack. Flour producer Gom Pyo released nachos via a partnership with convenience store chain CU.

Against this backdrop, brand collaboration has attracted hordes of young customers who tend to respond quickly to new products. Local retailers are also eyeing consumers who are willing to open their wallets. In particular, the food industry is relishing partnerships with other sectors, including cosmetics and sports.

The unconventional pairings of products sold on the local market has surprised a lot of Korean consumers. Please check out the video if you wish to soothe the coronavirus blues with some offbeat treats.

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