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[팟캐스트](379) 대한항공 아시아나 합친다 / 혜민스님 활동중단


진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Korean flag carriers eye tie-up as policy lender backs W1.8tr deal

[1] South Korea’s two flag carriers Korean Air Lines and Asiana Airlines are anticipating a tie-up, as the nation’s policy lender Korea Development Bank vowed to finance the 1.8 trillion won ($1.62 billion) megadeal.

*tie-up: 합병
*finance: 재정지원하다

[2] Announcing a plan to help Korean Air Lines acquire a majority stake in its longtime rival, KDB said Monday that the merger is indispensable in keeping the nation’s struggling aviation industry afloat.

*acquire: 인수하다
*majority stake: 과반이상 주식
*indispensable: 없어서는 안될
*struggling: 분투하는
*keep A afloat: 살리다

[3] “The new integrated Korean flag carrier will rise to one of the top 10 most competitive players in the global aviation industry, laying the groundwork to cope with the coronavirus crisis with efficiency and to leap forward in the post-pandemic era,” KDB Chairman Lee Dong-gull said, adding that the state-run bank was striving to find a plausible buyer.

*integrated: 통합된
*lay the groundwork: 기틀을 다지다
*plausible: 그럴듯한, 가능한


2. Ven. Haemin ceases all public activities following real estate controversy

[1] Bestselling author and popular Zen Buddhist teacher the Ven. Haemin announced late Sunday night that he was ceasing all activities and returning to a meditation center. The announcement came upon criticisms concerning his lifestyle and alleged profiteering from a real estate transaction.

*cease: 멈추다
*alleged: 추정되는
*profiteering: 이윤추구

[2] The Harvard- and Princeton-educated author of “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down” and “Love for Imperfect Things” appeared on Nov. 7 on tvN entertainment show “On & Off,” which shows the lives of celebrities on both their working days and days off. When the Ven. Haemin was shown living in a house with a view of Seoul’s iconic Namsan Tower and using AirPods and a Macbook, people questioned whether the Buddhist monk was following his teachings of a “life of no possession.”

*iconic: 상징적인
*question: (동) 의문을 제기하다
*teachings: 가르침

[3] “As a Buddhist monk, I have been trying my utmost to spread the Buddhist teachings to the world. However, my shortcomings have caused discomfort to many people. I am to blame for not living up to the monk’s principles. I deeply apologize to everyone hurt and disappointed by this situation. Starting today, I will stop all activities and return to a meditation institute to study Buddha’s words and focus on prayer,” said the Ven. Haemin via social media on Sunday.

*utmost: 최선을 다해
*shortcoming: 실수
*discomfort: 불편함
*principle: 원칙, 신조


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