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Ediya Coffee’s delivery revenue jumps nearly sevenfold amid pandemic

(Ediya Coffee)
(Ediya Coffee)
South Korean coffeehouse chain Ediya Coffee said Thursday that revenue from its coffee delivery service increased around 660 percent over the last year, compared with a year before.

According to data from the company, the number of delivery orders made between last October and September this year stood at 1.1 million, up 612 percent. from the same time last year.

Ediya Coffee saw a sharper increase in order volume between April and June this year, during which the company saw a near 1,000 percent year-on-year jump.

The recent jump in revenue and order volume comes amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which saw food delivery services grow in popularity despite dealing a severe blow to many other business sectors.

Last year, the coffeehouse became the first in the country to operate over 3,000 stores, of which 1,800 offer delivery service.

The franchise began teaming up with food delivery platforms such as Yogiyo in 2018 and later with others, including Coupang Eats.

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