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[팟캐스트] (372) 떡의 재발견 / 탈북자, 국보법 위반으로 집유


진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. New rice cakes break away from traditions

요약: 떡이 단순히 명절때만 먹는 음식이 아닌, 젊은 세대의 간식으로 변신하는 중

[1] One of the traditional foods associated with Chuseok is tteok, or rice cakes. In recent years more tteok treats have strayed from traditional flavors, and cooking methods targeting younger customers have been coming into the spotlight, with social media marketing leading the trend.

*traditional: 전통의
*treats: 특식
*stray from: 벗어나다 (차별화를 두다)
*flavor: (음식 등의) 맛, 풍미
*come into the spotlight: 주목을 받다

[2] One of the missions for tteok companies was to make tteok a delicacy not just for the traditional holiday seasons, such as Chuseok and Seollal, or Lunar New Year‘s Day, but for every day -- something that could rival Western desserts.

*delicacy: 별미
*every day: 매일
*rival: 필적하다, 대등하게 견주다

[3] As a result, a wave of change has been stirring the tteok market, starting with the introduction of fusion tteok in the mid-2010s. With catchy names and unique tastes, new types of tteok such as “drug tteok” and “life tteok” have gained popularity on social media.

*a wave of change: 변화의 물결
*stir: 휘젓다, 변화를 일으키다
*fusion: 혼합
*catchy: 기억하기 쉬운
*unique: 독특한

[4] Drug tteok is a corn cream-filled tteok made of glutinous rice, deriving its name from the addictive taste. Videos of drug tteok and other cream-filled tteok being split in half and oozing rich cream captured people’s attention early on.

*filled: 채워진
*glutinous: 차진, 점착성이 있는
*glutinous rice: 찰밥
*addictive: 중독성있는
*ooze: 걸죽한 액체를 줄줄 흘리다
*capture: 사로잡다
*early on: 일찍

기사 원문:

2. N. Korea defector given suspended sentence for collecting info for North

요약: 한 탈북자가 첩보 활동을 한 뒤 월북 시도 중 붙잡혀. 1심 집행유예 선고. 해당 탈북자는 북한 보위성으로부터 협박받고 있었음.

[1] A North Korean defector who collected information for North Korean authorities after being blackmailed has been given a suspended sentence.

*North Korean defector: 탈북자
*blackmail: 협박하다
*suspended sentence: 집행유예 선고

[2] The defector, identified by the surname Han, was sentenced to an eight-month prison term suspended for two years for violating the National Security Act.

*surname: 성씨
*be sentenced to -: 형을 선고받다
*violate: 위반하다

[3] The Seoul Central District Court ruled that Han’s actions represented a clear danger of damaging South Korea’s democratic order and national security, as the information Han provided is likely to be used against the South.

*represent: -에 해당하다
*democratic order: 민주주의 질서
*national security: 국가 안보

[4] However, the court handed down a suspended sentence in light of the determination that Han was acting under duress, that his plans to return to the North were not realized and that Han has no other criminal record.

*hand down: 판결, 결정 등을 내리다
*in light of: -때문에, -을 고려해
*determination: 결심
*act under duress: 위협을 느낀 상태에서 행동하다
*have criminal record: 범죄 이력이 있다

[5] Han was told to collect information on North Korean defectors in the South for the North's State Security Department. The information he provided led to North Korean authorities apprehending a broker for sending money to North Korea.

*North's State Security Department: 북한 국가보위성
*apprehend: 체포하다

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