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Shake Shack rolls out Gochujang-inspired burger

(SPC Group)
(SPC Group)

Shake Shack rolled out a new burger using traditional Korean red pepper paste Gochujang, Monday.

The burger chain operated by SPC Group here said it came up with the limited edition item after its culinary director, Mark Rosati, drew inspiration from Korean dishes he had when he was traveling the country.

The Gochujang Chicken Shack comes with a sous-vide chicken breast, spicy and sweet Gochujang glaze and sesame seeds, creating a flavor profile similar to the Korean-style seasoned spicy chicken, Shake Shack said.

Along with the Chicken Shack, Shake Shack also rolled out its Gochujang Shack beef burger and Gochujang Fries, which come with a Gochujang-mayo sauce and red pepper.

All the gochujang-inspired menu items are available for a limited time and will be available in stores from October.

Rolling out the items in Korea first, the company said it is also reviewing expanding them into other countries.

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