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[팟캐스트] (370) 코로나 사태와 함께 심각해지는 일회용 플라스틱 사용/ 봉준호 감독의 할리우드 리메이크작 ‘해무’

'Sea Fog' Poster(NEW)
'Sea Fog' Poster(NEW)

진행자: 김혜연, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. War on single-use plastics faces another setback as virus fears resurge

요약: 코로나 19와 함께 다시 한 번 직면한 일회용 플라스틱 사용 문제

[1] Coronavirus cases have surged again in Korea, and so has the use of single-use plastics. As the country struggles to curb a second wave of COVID-19 infections, people are buying food and drinks via takeaways or deliveries that come in plastic packaging.

*surge: 밀려들다, (감정이) 휩싸다, 급등하다
*curb: (특히 좋지 못한 것을)억제하다, 제한하는 것

[2] Official data has yet to be compiled, but environmentalists say it is evident that the heightened Level 2 social distancing scheme, imposed nationwide in mid-August and to last until Sept. 20, is boosting waste from disposable packaging.

*impose: (새로운 법률·세금 등을) 도입하다, (의견 등을) 강요하다
*boosting: 신장시키다, 북돋우다, 훔치다

[3] The food delivery app companies do not have control over how their partner businesses package their food and beverages. Restaurants and cafes have increasingly chosen to pack items in disposable plastic boxes, as customers worry about catching the virus from dishes someone else has used.

*control over: - 에 대한 통제

[4] South Korea in February opened up regulatory legroom for restaurants and cafes to reintroduce plastic and paper cups for in-store customers until the virus outbreak is brought under control.

*legroom: (자동차· 비행기· 극장 등에서) 다리를 뻗을 수 있는 공간
*in-store: (백화점· 슈퍼마켓 등) 매장 내의

[5] Environment activists are asking the government to adopt a longer-term perspective and provide support for entities with sustainable ideas to contain the virus. If such leeway remains open, the country would never be close to the set of environmental goals it pronounced, they claim.

*leeway: (무엇을 자신이 원하는 대로 하거나 변경할 수 있는) 자유 
*pronounce: (격식을 차려서 공식/공개적으로) 표명하다


2. Bong Joon-ho joins team on ‘Sea Fog’ remake

요약: 봉준호 감독이 참여하는 할리우드 리메이크작 ‘해무’

[1] Oscar-winning auteur Bong Joon-ho is to join the production of the Hollywood remake of “Sea Fog,” a 2014 South Korean thriller. Bong was the producer of the original film.

*auteur: (독창적·개성적인) 영화감독

[2] American film studio Participant -- which produced feature-length titles “Dark Waters,” “Green Book,” and “Contagion” -- is in charge of the project, according to US entertainment media outlet Deadline. Matt Palmer, who made his feature debut with Netflix thriller flick “Calibre” (2018), will direct the English-language film.

*feature-length: 장편 극영화 길이의

[3] Bong of “Parasite,” who served as the executive producer of the original “Sea Fog” -- known as “Haemoo” in Korean -- is teaming up with Participant and Palmer as the producer of the English adaptation. Kim Tae-wan, CEO of Lewis Pictures, which produced the Korean original, and producer Choi Doo-ho, who worked with Bong on “Snowpiercer (2014)” and “Okja (2017),” are also joining the team.

*team up (with somebody): (~와) 한 팀이 되다, 조를 짜 일하다, 협력하다

[4] The directorial debut by Shim Sung-bo centers around a little-known tragedy that occurred in 2001. The crew members of the Korean fishing ship Taechangho allegedly threw overboard the bodies of 25 Chinese stowaways after they died of suffocation while hiding inside the ship’s fish storage compartment, trying to enter Korea. The film received several local film awards and was selected as Korea’s entry to the foreign-language film category of the 87th Academy Awards.

* directorial: (영화·연극) 감독의
* threw somebody/something overboard: (쓸모 없다 싶은 것을) 없애다


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