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WeMakePrice to allow full refund on perishable goods

E-commerce firm WeMakePrice said Wednesday that grocery shoppers can now receive a full refund for perishable goods if the products are not up to their standards.

The new initiative comes after the online retailer trialed a similar service last month for meat products and nuts, which the company says was met with a warm reception.

Dissatisfied shoppers can now order meat, vegetables, fruits and seafood products that are quality assurance approved and request a full refund until the following day, regardless of the reason, while also being provided free delivery.

“The return rate was nearly zero percent during the trial period of the quality assurance service. It was recognition for the quality of our products,” one official said.

“We’ll continue to select the best products and thoroughly control the quality to provide customers with fresh perishable goods,” the official added.

By Yim Hyun-su (