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KB Group joins gaming firm NCSoft to set up AI-powered investment firm

Financial behemoth KB Financial Group and gaming firm NCSoft are planning to set up a joint investment firm specialized in offering investment consulting services based on artificial intelligence technology, news reports said Monday.

The two companies have recently started discussing the establishment of the joint venture, and the planned joint company will likely be operated under KB subsidiary KB Securities.

The partnership is seen as an unusual move as few gaming companies here participate in the financial sector.

Officials from both companies have reportedly confirmed that “discussions of a range of partnerships between the two companies are underway.”

The AI-based investment firm is expected to offer asset management services, which will involve building asset portfolios for customers and suggesting financial products.

In recent years, nonfinancial companies have increasingly jumped into the financial sector, including mobile messenger Kakao and web portal Naver.

Kakao runs financial subsidiaries Kakao Bank and Kakao Pay, while Naver has been trying to increase its presence in the financial realm through its subsidiary Naver Financial.

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