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ULikeKorea expands livestock healthcare tech to sheep in Mongolia

ULikeKorea’s CEO Kim Hee-jin (uLikeKorea)
ULikeKorea’s CEO Kim Hee-jin (uLikeKorea)
ULikeKorea, a preventive health care company for livestock, said Friday that it has expanded its bio-capsule services to sheep in Mongolia.

ULikeKorea’s LiveCare bio-capsule has passed proof of concept at sheep farms in Erdene Soum, Mongolia, some 50 kilometers east of the capital Ulaanbaatar using SK TNS’ 6-kilometer long-range Lora network and one other foreign partner’s collaboration.
A sheep farms in Erdene Soum, Mongolia (uLikeKorea)
A sheep farms in Erdene Soum, Mongolia (uLikeKorea)

Mongolia has a vast number of sheep, with the country’s livestock population estimated to be up to 40 million in total. The company aims to reach 10 million sheep in five years through aggressive marketing.

ULikeKorea’s bio capsule wedges inside an animal’s stomach and stays there through its lifetime. The device detects any notable physical anomalies or hormonal changes and assists farmers in taking better care of their livestock.

ULikeKorea says they have the world’s first sheep-focused livestock disease monitoring technology. The company previously marketed similar services for cattle, calves and a patch-type device for horses.

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