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[팟캐스트] (364) 뉴질랜드 성추행 혐의 한국 외교관 / OECD 한국 소득격차 수준


진행자: 김혜연, Paul Kerry

1. New Zealand ups pressure on Korea to cooperate in diplomat sexual assault case


[1] New Zealand authorities have heightened pressure on South Korea to cooperate in its probe of a Korean diplomat who has been accused of sexual assault.

*heighten pressure on: (감정·효과를) 고조시키다, 압박하다
*probe of: 조사하다, 캐묻다

[2] Winston Peters, New Zealand’s deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister, urged the Korean government to cooperate by waiving the accused man’s diplomatic immunity and sending him to New Zealand to defend himself.

*waive: (권리 등을) 포기하다
*diplomatic immunity: 외교관의 면책 특권

[3] Korea’s former deputy ambassador to New Zealand, surnamed Kim, is accused of groping a male staffer on three different occasions in late 2017 while he was stationed at the Korean Embassy in Wellington. The case reemerged after New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern raised the issue in a phone call with President Moon Jae-in last week. It is rare for such a topic to be discussed between two heads of state.

*groping: 손으로 더듬는, 암중모색하는
*stationed at: ~에 주둔하고 있는

[4] During the phone call, Ardern expressed her disappointment that the Korean government was unable to waive diplomatic immunity and allow the police investigation to proceed, local daily the New Zealand Herald reported Sunday, quoting Ardern’s spokesman. “The matter now rests with the Korean Government to determine any next steps,” the spokesman was quoted as saying.

*rests with: ~에 달려있다, ~의 책임이다


2. Korea has 2nd-highest income gap in OECD

[1] The gulf between the haves and have-nots is wider in South Korea than in almost any other member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a recent analysis suggests, with only the US showing greater inequality.

*haves and have-nots: 가진 자와 못 가진 자

[2] The poverty rate is the percentage of people whose income is less than half the median household income, according to the organization’s definition. If a country’s median household income were 40 million won ($33,500) per annum, the poverty line would be 20 million won.

*per annum: 1년에 (연율)
*poverty line: 빈곤선 (최저한도의 생활을 유지하는 데 필요한 수입 수준)

[3] Korea posted a poverty rate of 17.4 percent -- the second-highest among the 35 economies analyzed. The US poverty rate stood at 17.8 percent.

*stand at: -에 서다, -을 나타내다

[4] A research analyst said “the nation’s middle-income bracket has collapsed, and a large portion of middle-income households should be reclassified as part of the low-income bracket.”

*bracket: 괄호, 범위, 등급
*reclassify: 재분류하다


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