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[Video] Newly coined online terms fun for young Koreans, puzzle for others

As with other cultures and countries, Korea’s youth have their own vocabularies, slangs and some creative expressions reflecting a range of trends and ideas.

Korean teenagers are producing a torrent of new slangs that defy easy interpretation by those in other age groups. The objects, ideas and definitions behind the newly coined words are not entirely new, but they are still a sign of the time in general and what is linguistically fashionable among the young generation.

Cryptic acronyms started to hit the country’s social media a decade ago. They gained popularity for a while and then got replaced by a stream of new terms favored by the younger generation in search of more refreshing expressions.

Some expressions are inevitably misused or misunderstood, with their nuances twisted depending on the context and the user. For all the negative aspects, new slangs are expected to captivate young Koreans and perhaps catch the attention of curious Koreans in other age groups.

Please check out the video if you wish to find out about Korean slang's online expressions.

Video script and article by Park Jun-hee (
Video shot and edited by Ju Young-eun (