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Mercedes-Benz Korea focuses on electrifying lineup through EQ tech

The Mercedes-Benz E350 4Matic (Mercedes-Benz Korea)
The Mercedes-Benz E350 4Matic (Mercedes-Benz Korea)

Since Mercedes-Benz Korea introduced its first E-Class premium family sedan lineup here in 2003, 239,760 of the cars had been sold as of June. 

The current E-Class, the 10th-generation model, was launched in 2016. Within three years, it became the first premium sedan model from a foreign carmaker to achieve 100,000 units of sales in such a short time.

Behind the popularity of the E-Class is not only its dynamic performance and intelligent driving assistant features, but a varied lineup of E-Class models, from gasoline to diesel, an AMG model and hybrid models that are equipped with EQ features, according to Mercedes-Benz Korea. 

EQ, or Electric Intelligence, refers to the German carmaker’s electric vehicle brand and related technology. Three pillars of the EQ brand are a 48-volt automatic system called EQ Boost, plug-in hybrid technology called EQ Power and its pure EV technology, which has been applied to the New EQC that was released in South Korea in October. 

The EQ Boost technology has been applied to the E350 4Matic model launched in August last year. By electrifying the original combustion engine, the carmaker improved the engine’s efficiency and performance, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions at the same time. 

EQ Power technology has allowed Mercedes-Benz’s third-generation plug-in hybrid technology to be applied to E-Class’ first plug-in hybrid model, the E300e, which was launched in November last year.

On a single charge, it is possible to drive up to 30 kilometers, according to the automaker, and drivers can select the most suitable driving system based on road conditions by choosing from four driving modes -- hybrid, E-Mode, E-Save and Charge.

“We have been shifting our focus to electrifying the previous power source of combustion engines through EQ Boost and EQ Power technologies. Besides E-Class lineups, the company will launch EQ Boost and EQ Power models in different segments including C-Class, S-Class and sport utility vehicles, strengthening our portfolio to lead the eco-friendly mobility market,” Mercedes-Benz Korea said. 

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