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Nissan Korea’s last batch of cars with discount sold out in a day

Nissan Altima (Nissan Korea)
Nissan Altima (Nissan Korea)

Nissan Korea, which is shutting down its business operations in South Korea from 2021, has sold out the last batch of its cars with discount promotions in a day, market sources said Wednesday.

According to industry insiders, Nissan Korea sold its flagship sedan Altima at a 10 million ($8,383) to 13.5 million won cheaper price, while Maxima was priced 14.5 million won lower. They are about 35 percent cheaper than the original prices, which were around 29.1 million won and 45.2 million won, respectively.

Nissan Korea said that Altima was sold out in a day on Monday, while Maxima is also selling out rapidly.

According to the company, the vehicles on sales promotions had been kept at its Pyeongtaek PDI center, where vehicles are inspected before sales.

Nissan Korea said that it will also notify customers with promotion sales for its premium brand Inifini cars soon.

The carmaker’s customer and after sales service for vehicle quality guarantee and equipment management will continue until 2028.

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