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LIG Nex1 clinches W159.2b radio system deal in Indonesia

(LIG Nex1)
(LIG Nex1)

South Korean defense firm LIG Nex1 said Thursday it has won a radio system deal worth 159.2 billion won ($129.4 million) from the Indonesian police.

According to the company, it will supply trunked radio communication system, or TRS, to the Indonesian police by 2022.

The TRS uses several channels or frequencies, and allows the channels to be shared by a large number of certified users, in multiple talk groups, without their conversations interfering with each other. Rather than requiring all radios to be set to the same frequency, thus monopolizing that frequency whether or not it’s actively in use, TRS allows many users to share multiple frequencies, the company explained.

“LIG Nex1 has been supplying telecommunication equipment and systems to the Indonesian military and police, starting with the export of the frequency hopping radio PRC-999K in 2006. This deal will allow us to expand our footprint in the Southeast Asian market,” a company official said.

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