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Tzuyang eats her way to top on YouTube

(Screenshot captured from YouTube)
(Screenshot captured from YouTube)

As the camera zooms into the Korean ramen, YouTuber Tzuyang digs into the dish in front of her. The curly ramen noodles dressed in scorching red gradually glide down her throat. She opens her eyes with amazement and continuously praises the taste.

Behind the screen, millions of her fans enjoy the vicarious pleasure of a spoonful of tasty cuisine. Yet unlike her cultivated cute appearance, her palate in food is difficult to follow.

Tzuyang started her eating career on AfreecaTV in October 2018 and moved on to YouTube in November of the same year. Her contents fall into the “meokbang” category, referring to online eating streams. She has promoted herself as a big eater ever since.

Her channel garnered more than 1 million subscribers in just seven months and now has a total of 2.3 million subscribers. Her videos marked a total of 450 million views as of April 28.

By Park Jun-hee (