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Kia Motors launches upgraded K3 to target customers in 20s, 30s

Kia Motors’ K3 (Kia Motors)
Kia Motors’ K3 (Kia Motors)

Kia Motors said Monday that it has launched upgraded versions of its signature midsized sedans the K3 and K3 GT, targeting young drivers in their 20s and 30s.

The automaker said the latest models offer features that customers in their 20s and 30s prefer, as well as competitive prices. 

The 2021 K3 is available in three trims: standard, prestige and signature. A button-type smart key to start the car and artificial leather seats have been applied to all trims, the company said. 

For all trims, a customer can choose to include a lumbar support vibration seat, wireless phone charging system, heated seats in the back and an adjustable headrest. These options were only available for prestige trim and above, previously. 

The 2021 K3 starts at 17.1 million won ($14,045) for standard trim, 18.9 million won for prestige and 20.8 million won for signature. 

The 2021 K3 GT, a five-door model that comes in two trims -- prestige and signature -- starts at 21.8 million won for prestige and 24.5 million won for signature. 

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