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GemVax & Kael expands GV1001 patent to cover COVID-19

GemVax & Kael headquarters in Daejeon (GemVax & Kael)
GemVax & Kael headquarters in Daejeon (GemVax & Kael)
South Korean biologics company GemVax & Kael said Tuesday it will expand its antiviral pipeline’s treatment scope to cover COVID-19.

GemVax’s GV1001 is a telomerase-derived peptide that helps maintain the length of telomere, which is located at the end of human chromosome. Telomere acts as anti-inflammation, antioxidant, anti-aging and stem cell activation agent, effectively preventing cytokine storm.

A cytokine storm is increasingly being recognized as the leading cause of COVID-19 mortality.

The condition -- referring to over-secretion of cytokines as human body’s reaction to virus-induced inflammation -- leads to blood poisoning, low blood pressure and various organ failures that may lead to death.

GemVax said GV1001 has been proven to relieve the aforementioned conditions, as well as help boost immune system, in the preclinical trial phase.

The pipeline already has patents in the US, Japan, China and Europe for its efficacy to treat blood poisoning, inflammation and anti-viral function.

Based on GV1001’s expanded treatment scope, GemVax said it will kick-spur its research on anti-viral treatments.

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