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[Video] Koreans adapt to mask rationing system to protect themselves against coronavirus

South Korea introduced a mask distribution policy under which individuals can buy only two masks per week, a move aimed at resolving the dire shortage of the protective tool

South Koreans are slowly adapting to a new distribution system of face masks, which was initiated by the government Monday to address the shortage of them.

A lot of Koreans see masks as a vital source for protection against the spread of COVID-19. But the distribution has been uneven and masks have been hard to get. Some resellers have engaged in hoarding and price-fixing to increase their profits.

Under the new rationing policy, individuals can buy only two masks per week at pharmacies and designated stores, after showing their identification cards.

After the new system was introduced on Monday, pharmacies attracted long lines of people wanting to buy masks. In most cases, the lines of people moved forward at a steady pace as they politely waited for their turn.

Thanks to the concerted of medical staff, government policymakers and cooperative citizens, the growth of confirmed cases appears to be slowing.

Following the rapid spread of the coronavirus across Europe and the US, the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus a “pandemic” on Thursday, amid growing criticism that it was too slow to apply the label.

Please check out the video on South Korea’s mask rationing system aimed at battling COVID-19 more effectively.

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