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Italy announces 25b euros package to fight coronavirus


Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Wednesday that Rome was allocating 25 billion euros ($28.3 billion) to fight  the novel coronavirus outbreak that has killed 631 people in Italy.

"We have allocated an emergency sum of 25 billion euros," Conte told reporters during a break in a meeting on the government's response to the rapidly escalating health crisis.

The entire sum "will not all be used immediately," Conte added.

 Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri said Italy will immediately use "half of these resources" and keep the other half in reserve.

 Italy unveiled a 7.5-billion-euro emergency response package last Thursday that officials later said would likely have to be increase to match the rapid rise in new infections and deaths.

 A top economy minister had said on Tuesday that the package could reach 10 billion euros.

Italy, whose faltering economy is the third largest in the eurozone, needs special EU permission to spend more than allowed under the bloc's strict budget  rules for its 27 member states.

EU leaders had said they would accept Italy's request when it still stood at 7.5 billion euros.  (AFP)