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[팟캐스트] (332) 화성연쇄살인사건 재심 / 광주에서 유골 무더기 발견


진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. Forensic report falsified in Hwaseong murder case: prosecution

기사요약: 화성연쇄살인사건 당시 경찰의 증거조작 의혹에 대해 검찰이 직접 수사할 것이라고 밝혀.

[1] A retrial should be held for a man who may have been wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in 1988, in light of new evidence and a series of flaws in the original investigation, the prosecution said Monday.

*retrial: 재심
*convicted: 유죄 판결을 받다
*in light of: -때문에
*a series of: 일련의
*flaw: 허점, 결점
*original: 원래의

[2] The Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office has reopened the decades-old case after Lee Chun-jae, who is already serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of his sister-in-law in 1994, confessed to the crime in October.

*reopen the case: 재수사를 시작하다
*serve a life sentence: 무기징역을 살다
*sister-in-law: 처제
*confess to the crime: -을 자백하다

[3] A recent DNA breakthrough has pinpointed Lee as the culprit behind the Hwaseong serial murders -- that is, the murders of 10 women in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, from 1986 to 1991.

*breakthrough: 진일보
*serial murder: 연쇄살인사건
*that is: 설명을 덧붙이자면
*pick/pinpoint as the culprit behind: -의 진범으로 꼽다

[4] The case of the 13-year-old victim in Hwaseong was at first regarded as the eighth of the serial murders but police then charged the 52-year-old man, surnamed Yun, who was later convicted.

*charge: 죄를 묻다

[5] The prosecution contends that the forensic report, a key piece of evidence that led to the conviction of Yun, was made up, not based on the hair samples. The police have denied falsifying the report.

*contend: 주장하다
*forensic report: 법과학수사 보고서
*a piece of evidence: 증거
*be made up: 꾸며지다
*deny: 부인하다
*falsify: 거짓으로 꾸미다

기사 전문:

2. Unidentified human remains found in Gwangju

기사요약: 옛 광주교도소 부지에서 80구의 무더기 유골이 발견되어, 5.18 민주화운동 당시 희생자일 가능성 조사 중

[1] The bones of some 80 people, 40 of them unidentified, were found Thursday at a former prison site in Gwangju, rekindling suspicions that victims of the 1980 military crackdown on democratic protests were buried en masse there by authorities.

*unidentified: 신원 미상의
*rekindle: 재점화하다
*suspicion: 의구심
*military crackdown (on): 군대 진압
*be buried en masse: 집단 암매장되다

[2] A foundation established in memory of the democratic movement, which took place from May 18-27, 1980, has suggested the unidentified human remains may belong to hundreds of protesters who went missing.

*foundation: 재단
*in memory of: 기리는
*democratic movement: 민주화 운동
*suggest: 보여주다, 암시하다
*human remains may belong to: 시신의 신원이 -이다

[3] The Justice Ministry said Sunday it would look into possible links between the remains and the violent crackdown on civilians by the military nearly four decades ago.

*look into possible links between: -의 관계를 조사하다

[4] According to officials, bones of 80 people were excavated from a mass grave for prisoners without any kin.

*excavate: 발굴되다
*mass grave: 합장분묘
*prisoners without any kin: 무연고자 유골

[5] While the estimated death toll varies, government figures say about 200 civilians were killed in what is commonly referred to as the Gwangju Uprising.

*estimated death toll: 사망자 추정
*referred to A as B: A를 B라고 부르다

기사 전문:

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