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[Diplomatic circuit] There is global momentum to develop hydrogen economy: Australian top diplomat

Amid global awareness of the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, the Australian ambassador to Korea highlighted hydrogen as the next source of clean energy.

“There is a global momentum to develop the hydrogen economy, and Korea has already positioned itself as a leader in hydrogen technology,” Australian Ambassador James Choi said.

“Australia is looking to create international partnerships in this sector. We look forward to building on the strong existing cooperation between Australia and Korea to realize the opportunities of technical breakthroughs in hydrogen production, storage and transport.”


Choi’s comments were delivered at a seminar co-hosted by the National Assembly’s Renewable Energy Forum, the Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy and H2Korea at the National Assembly on Thursday.

The seminar was aimed at strengthening Korea-Australia cooperation in hydrogen, following a mutual agreement in September to accelerate a hydrogen-based economy by 2030.

Australia scientist Alan Finkel gave a keynote speech on the Australian government’s strategy on hydrogen and prospects of the hydrogen fund for Australia to become a world leader in hydrogen exports.

Noting that collaboration is key to realizing a hydrogen economy, H2Korea Chairman Moon Jae-do said, “The path to a hydrogen-centered society cannot be pioneered by one country. A win-win situation can be created if Australia and Korea share future strategies and technology development.” 

By Kim Bo-gyung (