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[Diplomatic circuit] Italian Embassy launches first showroom in Seoul

The Italian Trade Agency under the Italian Embassy in Korea has opened its first showroom in Seoul in a bid to promote Italian brands, the embassy said.

High Street Italia, located in the trendy Garosugil neighborhood in southern Seoul, is a joint project between the Italian Embassy in Korea and the Italian National Tourist Board that aims to expose aspects of Italy to a wider Korean audience.

High Street Italia in Garosugil, southern Seoul. (Italian Embassy in Korea)
High Street Italia in Garosugil, southern Seoul. (Italian Embassy in Korea)

“Incredible support and interest shown today is a very clear proof that Korean customers are open and ready to accept sophisticated and good quality Italian products,” the embassy’s Italian Trade Agency Director Vincenzo Cali said.

“As many Italian brands are paying attention more and more to the Korean market, High Street Italia will be an innovative showcase to introduce new Italian brands to Korean consumers.”

The five-story building, which draws inspiration from ancient Roman aqueducts, is designed by Simone Carena and Marco Bruno of Italian architectural firm Motoelastico, the embassy said.

Each floor serves a different purpose: showrooms, pop-up stores, exhibitions, and lounges.

An array of sessions are in store, including cooking classes and wine-tasting events, alongside seminars to support business-to-business ventures.

High Street Italia officially opened to the public on Wednesday and is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday.

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