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Zion.T will unveil new song on his YouTube channel

South Korean singer-songwriter Zion.T will unveil his new song “Nothing Today” on Tuesday by uploading the piece on his YouTube channel, without distributing it on major music streaming services.

The reason for his unprecedented decision is not known. However, in a response to an online comment asking whether the song would be distributed on music sites, he replied, “in the manner that has no winners or losers” -- implying that he wanted to avoid the ranking system of the major music streaming services such as Melon, Genie and Bugs.

Zion.T (Zion.T’s Instagram)
Zion.T (Zion.T’s Instagram)

Zion.T, whose real name is Kim Hae-sol, debuted in 2011 with the single “Click Me” and went on to record hits such as “Yangwha BRDG,” “No Make up,” “Just” and “Babay.” His latest song, “May,” was released in November.

He also collaborated with Korean singing legend Lee Moon-sae on the song “Snow” in 2017. It made it to the top on eight major music streaming services.

“Profit models in the music industry are diversifying and transforming, and Zion.T also seems to be trying something new without relying on major music streaming platforms,” said an official from HNS HQ, a public relations agency for Zion.T’s management company.

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