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19 fast-food outlets fail health inspections in two-week crackdown

Several fast-food outlets were found to have violated the health code in recent inspections by the Food and Drug Safety Ministry.

According to the ministry, 19 of 147 burger restaurants across the country failed health inspections during a two-week crackdown from Nov. 1-15. 

(McDonald`s Korea)
(McDonald`s Korea)

The inspections were carried out at three global fast-food chains -- McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC -- as well as two local ones, Lotteria and Mom’s Touch. Seven McDonald’s joints, six Mom’s Touch, five KFC and one Lotteria failed the inspections.

The Food Safety Ministry said it would toughen food hygiene regulations at burger chains based on this round of inspection results. It will also hold a meeting with the fast-food franchises later this month for food safety training.

Food hygiene violations can be reported to the ministry’s hotline 1399. The list of restaurants that failed the inspections can be found at the ministry’s website

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