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[Contribution] Chilean Navy’s training ship Esmeralda visits Busan

The Chilean Navy’s training ship Esmeralda visited the Republic of Korea from Friday to Tuesday. This occasion constituted a source of personal satisfaction for me, because it brought back memories that stretch back in time along with my diplomatic career.

I had received the vessel and its crew in different capacities in New York (1986), Wellington (1993), Singapore (1995), Bali (2002), Singapore again in 2012 and Busan in 2016. I often say that this magnificent ship has been present in some of the most important phases of my diplomatic life.

However, of much greater significance is the influence of the Esmeralda on the development of the ties of friendship and the growth of mutual understanding with the countries visited during its journeys around the world. 

Chilean Navy’s training ship Esmeralda (Chilean Navy)
Chilean Navy’s training ship Esmeralda (Chilean Navy)

The Esmeralda is sometimes called “Chile’s ambassador,” and this is not an overstatement. As Chilean diplomats, we are keenly aware of the significance of a port call of this imposing training ship and its crew of men and women of the sea.

Its presence and the activities carried out by our naval representatives greatly contribute to strengthening our relations with the countries where we are based as well as their people. As the ship is open to visits, the local population also gains knowledge regarding Chile.

It was gratifying to receive the Esmeralda and its crew once again. My mission as Chilean ambassador to the Republic of Korea was enhanced by their stay.

The already excellent relations between Korea and Chile and the cordial ties of friendship between their people were greatly enhanced by their presence in the beautiful city of Busan.

By Fernando Danus
Ambassador of Chile in Korea