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[팟캐스트] (317) 안희정 전 도지사 실형 선고 / 태풍 링링 피해


진행자: 손지형, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Prison term confirmed for ex-governor found guilty of rape

기사요약: 비서 성폭행 혐의로 기소된 안희정 전 도지사에 대한 형이 징역 3년 6개월로 확정됨. 성인지 감수성 개념이 판결 결과에 영향.

[1] The top court on Monday confirmed the 3 1/2-year prison sentence for former South Chungcheong Province Gov. An Hee-jung for raping his female aide, in the country’s highest-profile #MeToo movement case.

*confirm: 확정하다
*prison sentence: 징역형
*aide: 비서
*high-profile: 유명한

[2] The Supreme Court acknowledged “invisible power” held by 54-year-old An -- at one time a strong presidential contender in the liberal bloc -- in using his authority and sexually assaulting the victim -- An’s secretary -- upholding an appeal court’s ruling.

*presidential contender: 대선 후보
*bloc: 진영
*uphold: 지지하다 원심을 유지하다
*appeal court: 항소 법원

[3] The landmark ruling is hailed as reaffirming the importance of  “gender sensitivity” in court proceedings involving victims of sexual crimes. It was also a victory for women’s rights activists who have fought against the culture that compels victims of sexual violence to “act like victims” to prove they have been sexually abused.

*landmark: 기념비적인
*be hailed as: -로써 환영받다
*reaffirm: 재확인하다
*compel A to B: A가 B하도록 강요하다

[4] Overturning the lowest court’s not-guilty ruling, the Seoul High Court in February ruled that An had abused ( his former secretary Kim Ji-eun’s vulnerable position as a subordinate to sexually assault her and Kim’s sexual freedom was violated against her will.)

*overturn 판결을 뒤집다
*vulnerable 취약한
*subordinate 부하 직원
*violate: 침해하다
*against A’s will: A의 의지에 반하여


2. Typhoon Lingling leaves 3 dead, more than 20 injured

기사요약: 한반도에 상륙한 태풍 중 5번째로 강도가 강한 태풍 링링으로 인한 피해 상황 정리.

[1] Typhoon Lingling, the fifth-strongest typhoon to hit South Korea, left three people dead and more than 20 injured, caused power outages, disrupted transport services and damaged farmland and properties, with recovery operations underway Sunday.

*typhoon: 태풍
*hit: (태풍 등이) 강타하다
*leave A adj: -한 채로 두다
*power outage: 단전
*underway: 진행중인

[2] The typhoon, which made landfall near the southern island of Jeju on Friday night, rapidly swept along the country’s west coast Saturday with strong winds and heavy rain/ before heading toward North Korea in the afternoon, according to the weather agency.

*landfall: 산사태
*sweep along: 쓸고 지나가다

[3] As of 11 a.m. Sunday, three people had died and 23 people were injured, according to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. At least 7,000 hectares of agricultural areas were affected by the typhoon. A total of 4,253 hectares of rice plantations were damaged, and 1,735 hectares of farmland were flooded. In addition, 1,157 hectares of fruit farms saw their fruits affected.

*be affected by: -의 영향을 받다
*rice plantations: 논

[4] The Korea Meteorological Administration said the fastest wind speed measured was 54.4 meters per second, or 195.8 kilometers per hour, at Heuksando off Sinan, a town in South Jeolla Province, at around 6:30 a.m., making it the fifth-strongest typhoon to hit the country on record. In 2003, Typhoon Maemi brought winds measured at 60 meters per second.

*(an island) off (a coastal area): (해안)으로부터 떨어져 있는 (섬)