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[팟캐스트] (316) 정갑윤 의원 성차별 발언 논란 / 조국 기자회견

진행자: 임현수, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Opposition lawmaker under fire for sexist remark

기사요약: 야당인 자유한국당 정갑윤 의원의 ‘본인의 출세도 좋지만 국가 발전에도 기여해주시기 바랍니다’ 라는 성차별적 발언은 거센 비판을 받았다.

[1] An opposition lawmaker came under fire Tuesday after he asked an unmarried female Fair Trade Commission chair nominee to “contribute to the country’s development” by giving birth.

*come under fire: 비판받다.

[2] At a confirmation hearing for Fair Trade Commission chair nominee Cho Sung-wook, Rep. Jung Kap-yoon of the Liberty Korea Party said Cho would be a perfect candidate for the post if she were married and had a child.

*Rep.: 의원
*post: 직책

[3] “What do you think is the biggest problem in Korean society?” the five-term lawmaker said at the parliamentary confirmation hearing Monday. “Currently, (the low) birth rate is ruining the country’s future.

*the five-term: 5번 당선된

[4] “Your success is important, but I hope you can contribute to the country’s development, too,” he said.

*contribute to: ~에 기여하다

[5] Jung later made an apology, saying he was speaking ad lib to address the issue of the low birth rate and did not mean to hurt the nominee.

*ad lib: 애드립


2. Justice nominee apologizes, refuses to quit

기사요약: 조국 법무부 장관 후보자가 자녀 문제에 안이했다며 사과함과 동시에 국민들에게 기회를 줄 것을 요청했다는 기사입니다.

[1] Justice Minister nominee Cho Kuk apologized for failing to properly oversee his daughter’s college applications and family’s investments.

*oversee: 감독하다
*properly: 제대로

[2] “I apologize to the public. I have disappointed you despite the expectations placed on me, which were more than I deserved.” Cho said in a press conference Monday at the National Assembly.

*place on: ~에 놓다.

[3] Cho called an unprecedented press conference after the National Assembly’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee failed to agree on a confirmation hearing for Cho earlier in the day.

*unprecedented: 선례가 없는
*agree on: ~에 동의하다

[4] A key criticism Cho faces is that his actions are inconsistent with his reputation and career as figure at the forefront of progressive policies and reform.

*inconsistent with: ~와 일치하지 않는

[5] The alleged privileges his daughter received in the college admissions process and his decision to sign up to invest some 7.5 billion won ($6.2 million) in a private equity fund have come under attack.

*come under attack: 공격을 받다.