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[팟캐스트] (315) 지소미아 협정 종료 / 조국 검찰 압수수색

진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. South Korea pulls out of intel-sharing pact amid spat with Japan

기사요약: 한국, 일본과 지소미아(한일군사정보보호협정) 협정 종료. 안보협력환경에 중대한 변화 초래를 원인으로 꼽아.

[1] South Korea decided to withdraw from the bilateral military intelligence-sharing pact with Japan on Thursday, amid escalating friction over trade and historical issues.

*withdraw: 철회하다
*bilateral: 양측의
*pact: 협정
*escalating: 점점 커지는
*friction: 마찰

[2] In a televised announcement, Cheong Wa Dae said it has made the decision to abolish General Security of Military Information Agreement and will notify Japan via diplomatic channels by midnight on Saturday, the deadline for a decision on whether to renew the agreement.

*televised: TV로 방영되는
*announcement: 발표
*abolish: 폐지하다
*notify: 알리다
*diplomatic: 외교적인
*renew: 갱신하다

[3] The two neighboring countries first signed the military intel-sharing pact in November 2016, with encouragement from the United States, which seeks a strong bond with its Asian allies in the backdrop.

*encouragement: 독려
*bond: 연결고리, 유대
*ally: 동맹, 동맹국
*backdrop: 배경

[4] The agreement was set to automatically renew each year, and only be scrapped when one side chooses to end it 90 days before the expiration date.

*scrap: 폐지하다
*expiration: 만료

[5] But as bilateral ties have deteriorated since July when Tokyo placed controls on South Korea’s exports of three vital industrial materials, South Korea has been mulling options to fire back.

*deteriorate: 악화시키다
*place controls on: 제한을 두다
*vital: 필수적인
*material: 소재, 재료
*mull: 고려하다
*fire back: 반격하다


2. Prosecution raids key locations in probe into embattled Cho Kuk

기사요약: 검찰, 조국 법무부 장관 후보자를 둘러싼 의혹 수사 위해 전격 압수수색 단행.

[1] The prosecution on Tuesday raided universities, a medical center and other facilities as part of an investigation into a series of allegations involving Justice Minister nominee Cho Kuk and his family, less than a week before the parliamentary confirmation hearing on Cho is to be held.

*prosecution: 검찰
*raid: 쳐들어가다
*allegation: 의혹
*nominee: 지명 후보자
*parliamentary confirmation hearing: 국회 인사 청문회

[2] The Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office conducted search and seizure operations simultaneously at some 20 locations including five universities to collect evidence linked to allegations ranging from university admissions irregularities involving Cho’s daughter to his family’s dubious investment in a private equity firm.

*conduct search and seizure: 압수수색을 시행하다
*simultaneously: 동시에
*collect evidence: 증거를 수집하고 있다.
*dubious: 의심가는
*private equity firm: 사모펀드

[3] Cho’s 28-year-old daughter is suspected of having received preferential treatment in the process of being listed as a primary author of an academic paper, being admitted at Korea University and receiving scholarships.

*be suspected of: -했다는 의심을 받다
*preferential treatment: 우대
*scholarship: 장학금

[4] Prosecutors carried out search and seizure operations without informing the Justice Ministry in advance, a rare move that triggered speculations that the move was intended to prevent controversy over political impartiality of the prosecution or that it was an act of rebellion against Cho’s plans for reform of the prosecution.

*carry out: 시행하다
*in advance: 미리
*rare: 흔치 않은
*speculations: 추측
*controversy: 논란
*impartiality: 공정성
*rebellion: 반란, 극렬한 반대

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