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Singapore Airlines launches new mobile application

Singapore Airlines said Wednesday it will launch an updated mobile application to enhance customer experience.

The app, set to be released in September for Apple iOS users, will have three new features that provide convenience for passengers. It is being released between July and September for Android users. 

(Singapore Airlines)
(Singapore Airlines)

English-only feature Capture & Discover matches users’ travel plans with destinations to provide relevant information. Translation Assistance provides real-time voice translation for 16 languages.

Meanwhile, the Measure Your Baggage feature, supported only on iOS for now, helps users determine whether their cabin baggage is within accepted dimensions.

The app includes standard features such as booking and check-in. According to the airline, the updated app will reduce booking to check-in time by up to 60 percent.

Campbell Wilson, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Singapore Airlines, said the airline is investing heavily in digital capabilities to improve convenience for passengers.

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