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Coca-Cola Korea launches new carbonated water

Riding on the growing popularity of carbonated drinks, Coca-Cola Korea’s sparkling water brand Seagram’s has released new zero-calorie flavored sparkling water, Seagram’s The Tansan, the company said Tuesday.

The company said Seagram’s The Tansan will have two flavors -- lemon and apple mint -- designed as palate refreshers.

Seagram’s The Tansan (Coca-Cola Korea)
Seagram’s The Tansan (Coca-Cola Korea)

Tansan in Korean means carbonic acid, which gives carbonated drinks their signature bubbles and refreshing “bite.”

“The crisp flavors from lemon and mint combined with the sizzle of the carbonated water will taste exhilarating,” Seagram’s explained.

According to the brand, the 450-milliliter plastic bottles will be transparent so the bubbles are visible.

Also, to celebrate the launch of Seagram’s The Tansan, Coca-Cola Korea is currently giving out customized phone cases for those participating in the company’s “Face-tival” event on the CokePlay mobile application.

The participant who shows the best “exhilarated look” after drinking the sparkling water will have a chance to win a customized phone case with his or her face on it, as well as a The Tansan Special Kit containing both flavors of the drink. The event ends Sept. 8.

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